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Welcome to the world if Bella Monella by CatischE.

CatischE is a unique design group and brand of clothing that works both with women wear and kids clothing. Like any other company out there CatischE started of as a dream. A dream of a young adult who was lucky enough to meet some amazing people on her journey to the world of fashion.

Bella Monella by CatischE (Bella Monella) was founded in 2015 by a design CatischE design group, the group that has the brightest and quick minds in Italy and a beautifully built international team. Bella Monella by CatischE is a registered Italian Brand Name with a story of its own.

What is Bella Monella you ask? Bella Monella means an active beauty , a naughty and playful kid. Our fast world is becoming very unisex, and children fashion has fallen under the affect of this speed. The CatischE group noticed that the mass for both adults and children starting to look very grey and similar trough out all age groups. “Where is the childhood that we all love and miss?”- main question that was asked in the meetings when developing Bella Monella. As a result of analysis of the children clothes market Bella Monella by CatischE was born.

Bella Monella is a kids clothing line that has elegance and class, not forgetting the playful and naughty side to children age 1 yr to 12 yrs. The main idea behind the brand was to preserve the happiness and fun in the children’s life. They don’t need to grow up so quick, let them enjoy their freedom, let their life be colorful and pretty. Bella Monella is all about color, active lifestyle, for boys to feel fun and for girls to be feminine and pretty.

The clear brand mission is to bridge the fast lifestyle of the 21st century and elegance and class that makes our world unique and keeping the fun and playfulness of childhood.

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